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Convert your PDF to an ISO-compliant PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3, or PDF/A-4

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Did you know?

PDF/A is the ISO standard for long-term archiving
The term PDF/A refers to an ISO standard where letter A stands for "Archiving." PDF/A defines rules for the long-term preservation of electronic documents and future readability. Any content that could alter this goal is removed, such as JavaScript, embedded files… More info on PDF/A here.
Preserving electronic documents over time
A broken hard drive isn't the only chance of losing access to your records. Required applications may be discontinued at any moment leading to useless files. Based on a universal open format, the PDF/A standard eliminates any risk.
Archiving digital files for years to come
If many electronic documents must be kept for several years for legal archiving reasons, life insurances, for example, require to be held ... all your life. Ensuring access to files for the long-term is sometimes critical. Converting your files to PDF/A is the key to preserving your essential documents for future use.