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Did you know?

PDF is a universal file format
PDF is no longer Adobe’s property
AvePDF converts more than 100 formats
Since electronic documents exist, sharing them between different proprietary applications, operating systems, and devices has always been an issue. In 1993 Adobe released the first version of the “Portable Document Format” (PDF) to ease the exchanges. Did you know that one of the first PDF users was the American government (Internal Revenue Service), which used PDF as early as 1994 for their tax forms? Today PDF specifications have evolved to follow the market’s demands while preserving the initial objective of universality.
Adobe developed the format in the 90s but chose to release it as an international open standard in 2008. It means that since 2008, Adobe doesn’t own PDF anymore. PDF ISO 32.000-1 refers to PDF version 1.7 and PDF ISO 32.000-2 to version 2.0. These standards ensure software editors to provide perfect quality of PDF files. PDF 2.0 is the first update to the PDF specification developed entirely by the ISO Committee. You will find everything you want to know about PDF here.
AvePDF’s list of supported formats includes raster images, vector images (learn more about raster and vector images here ), office and text formats, CAD, SVG, and more. See the complete list here. We’re adding new formats in our converter regularly!
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