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The only online PDF software offering high-level features such as hyper-compression, OCR, redaction, PDF/A conversion, document capture from scanner and electronic signature.

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Security first

AvePDF is 100% secure thanks to the strongest encryption technologies.

Several levels of encryption protect your files so no one can access them (including us!).
Once you’re done editing your document, you can manually delete it from our servers.
Did you forget to do it? Don’t worry! All files are automatically deleted from our system after 30 minutes.

Save time

Enjoy the fastest and most sophisticated PDF apps on the market.

AvePDF works on all devices and browsers.
No need to install anything.
The web app is optimized and automatically adjusts to your favorite browser.

Our technologies for a better experience

We develop all the AvePDF engines.

Unlike our competitors, we have complete control over our technologies so that you can benefit from the fastest and most powerful tools. AvePDF offers professional features that you can use at work.

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Innovation at the core

A continuous innovation model that brings you thousands of functionalities.

The AvePDF widgets are highly innovative and based on years of research and development.
Our technologies are used worldwide by companies, organizations, governments, and developers of all industries since 2003.

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Integrate AvePDF capabilities into any software

Power your development with industry-winning toolkits

  • PDF, CAD & Office
  • OCR
  • barcode reading
  • document capture
  • document viewing
  • document conversion

Document Imaging SDKs for any software development

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Web document viewing and conversion SDK

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REST API to easily manage documents and images

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